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Systematic Trading thru Pattern Recognition

Level : Beginner
Software required : Amibroker or TradingView(free version) or Metastock
(The user will have to code for any other software)
Logic : Fully disclosed, codes shared

What you will learn :

1. Anticipate when the market/stock/index is about to move
2. How volatility compression sets up these moves. Two unique price
   patterns which alert about this volatility compression
3. How trend strength tells you about the magnitude of the move
4. Where to enter ,put initial stops, how to trail, when to exit
5. Position sizing and risk management 
6. Works on stocks/futures/commodities

** This method will be used in real-time on 5 min bars for scalping/daytrades
**Same method will be used on end-of-day charts for swing trades of 2-5 days with a small modification

Special emphasis on using Index charts to trade weekly options. However, the method can also be used on cash stocks or futures

To subscribe , follow this process :

1. Create an account at , set password

2. Login to thru your user-id and password

3. Pay for the course 

4. Go to Courses--> My Course . You will have instant access

5. You will be able to see the video and download the codes

6. You can ask your questions thru the comments section on the website

7. I might upload examples from time to time on trades to clear concepts

8. Dedicated email ID to answer personal queries

9. Be aware that clarification and other support will be given for next 10 days post subscription

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