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Welcome to the Sentient Levels .

Sentient Levels is an analytics programme which provides quantitative levels for the Nifty and BankNifty on a daily basis.

What you will get :

1. The levels on Nifty and BankNifty  everyday

2. A proprietary tradingview indicator to understand the trend and volatility of the market in real-time

3. Some posts /videos analysing the trades post closing from time to time

4. If any improvement done in the method , or any extra indicators/methods used that will also be shared 5. Subscription is available only on yearly basis

Read this before you proceed :

1. The group is a broadcast group on cosmofeed with one way traffic where only I broadcast. There will be no option for questions or chitchat

2. There will be no " buy this". "sell this" etc type of tips. I DO NOT PROVIDE ANY BUY SELL RECCOMENDATIONS. You will have to understand the method  to analyze the markets.

3. I will not provide any analysis on any stock.  Only NF & BNF

4. There will be no real-time handholding or answering your questions in real-time. However, maximum 2-4 days a month the setups and features will be shown in LIVE markets to explain and clarify the concepts

5. There will be no demo. Kindly go through my twitter timeline of past few months where I have shared the levels almost everyday to understand whether this suits you

6. Lastly, this is not a solicitation to trade futures or options. This is a channel sharing an analysis method on the broad trend of the indices and uses technical analysis principles of demand and supply to analyse the indices.. Join only if you are willing in to put in the effort, there is no easy money in the markets.

See this playlist to understand more how we use the levels, indicators etc :

You will need a tradingview account, free one also is OK. Go to , open an account and then subscribe so that we can activate the indicator. The apps work on laptop/computers as well as mobiles , both android and iPhones 

This is available only as an yearly service . Charges are : 28,320/- ( 24,000+18% gst)

If you want to subscribe, pay through this link :

Post payment , msg me on twitter with your email id used for payment
and your tradingview ID


For any queries email me at  OR message me on twitter at @SubhadipNandy16

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