Quant-Options Trading Workshop

2 days theoretical training plus one month active mentoring for positional options trading( includes 5 trading sessions of LIVE daytrading including an weekly expiry)

Venue : Your home

All strategies to be taught thru interactive videos

Live Q&A session thru zoom

All training videos viewable for the next 3 months by participants

( You can participate thru any Windows based laptop/computer/phone and also thur Android/Apple devices)


# Picking direction from derivatives data
# Determine optimum  options strategy

# Analysing the option chain
# View from COI + quants
# Expiry trading
# All codes disclosed, shared
# Proprietary tools shared for lifetime


# Will be added in exclusive group with other attendees where I will  handhold actively for the next 1 month
# LIVE daytrading shared for 1 week ( 5 trading sessions,including an  expiry)
# Group stays active for next 3 months. So at any point in the future you  can clarify and queries here or with me personally

Postional Performance : https://twitter.com/SubhadipNandy/status/1229712298735890432

DayTrading performance :  https://twitter.com/SubhadipNandy/status/1228263631994810368

How we traded #Budget2020 :https://twitter.com/SubhadipNandy/status/1230809385930235909


# This is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Effort and work will be required on your part to assimilate the training and trade effectively
# Returns are a function of risk and discipline, will vary from trader to trader
# If interested in how these approaches work, check my twitter profile @SubhadipNandy where I share my trades 


What you require

Experience in trading F&O for at least 1 year, minimum capital of 5 lacs and exposure to any charting platform like Metastock/Amibroker/tradingview

I will share all codes and distribute a few coded proprietary tools. The  methods taught at the workshop are quantitative in nature so coding is  essential. I have coded everything and you will get the end product with  an easy to use interface

Software required post the workshop :
# Metastock with end of day data ( this costs Rs.4000 per year, enough if  you are trading positional )
# Amibroker with real-time data ( this costs approx 2200 per month,  essential if you want to day-trade)
# myfno derivatives analysis web based tool 

( Absolutely no coding knowledge required at your end. I will deliver all tools as click and play, and show you how to use them)


Course Content

Day 1

# All about spreads : Bull/bear spreads   ( Perfectly positioning an options structure using greeks)

# Nature of the beast : Analyzing the nature of a stock quantitatively to understand which options structure suits which stock

# VIX based directional model :Using the NSE VIX to take a directional view on Nifty

#Directional from the underlying
1. Picking Reversals - High Probability Reversal Pattern
2. Breakouts thru quant breakouts
3. Picking tops and bottoms - a quant approach

Day 2

# COI ( cumulative open interest) – how to create, interpretation of F&O data, Understand who is in control, the shorts or the longs
# Option chains : how to analyze , trades from option chain ( quants)  ( how an options seller thinks and structures his trades, where he gets  trapped and how can we pick that up and benefit from it)
# Beginning of a move and ending of a move 

 Expiry Trading 

# Real time options data analysis
# Expiry day trading on Nifty and BankNifty every Thursday
# Trading stock options on expiry week

Day-trading training is given LIVE


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