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Quant-Options Trading Workshop

2 days theoretical training plus one month active mentoring for positional options trading( includes 5 trading sessions of LIVE daytrading including an weekly expiry)

Charges : RS.50,000+Rs.9000GST ( Total Rs.59,000)

Early Bird Offer at payment link

The two days of the physical workshop is just the primer. See for one month how I trade, why I trade and how I manage my trades

Mumbai : 7th & 8th March 2020 |  Early Bird over . Now Rs.59,000/-  

Pay thru this link :  https://imjo.in/WUDq4B

Venue : Hotel Orchid Ecotel

Bengaluru : 21st & 22nd March 2020

The Bengaluru Workshop stands cancelled due to CORONAVIRUS risk. All who have paid shall receive their refunds within this week. You will get an individual mail.

New Delhi : 28th & 29th March 2020 |  

The Delhi Workshop stands cancelled due to CORONAVIRUS risk. All who have paid shall receive their refunds within this week. You will get an individual mail.


# Picking direction from derivatives data
# Determine optimum  options strategy

# Analysing the option chain
# View from COI + quants
# Expiry trading
# All codes disclosed, shared
# Proprietary tools shared for lifetime

# One month free derivatives analytics tool 


# Will be added in exclusive group with other attendees where I will  handhold actively for the next 1 month
# LIVE daytrading shared for 1 week ( 5 trading sessions,including an  expiry)
# Group stays active for next 3 months. So at any point in the future you  can clarify and queries here or with me personally

Postional Performance : https://twitter.com/SubhadipNandy/status/1229712298735890432

DayTrading performance :  https://twitter.com/SubhadipNandy/status/1228263631994810368

How we traded #Budget2020 :https://twitter.com/SubhadipNandy/status/1230809385930235909


# This is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Effort and work will be required on your part to assimilate the training and trade effectively
# Returns are a function of risk and discipline, will vary from trader to trader
# If interested in how these approaches work, check my twitter profile @SubhadipNandy where I share my trades 


What you require

Experience in trading F&O for at least 1 year, minimum capital of 5 lacs and exposure to any charting platform like Metastock/Amibroker/tradingview

I will share all codes and distribute a few coded proprietary tools. The  methods taught at the workshop are quantitative in nature so coding is  essential. I have coded everything and you will get the end product with  an easy to use interface

Software required post the workshop :
# Metastock with end of day data ( this costs Rs.4000 per year, enough if  you are trading positional )
# Amibroker with real-time data ( this costs approx 2200 per month,  essential if you want to day-trade)
# myfno derivatives analysis web based tool 

( Absolutely no coding knowledge required at your end. I will deliver all tools as click and play, and show you how to use them)


Course Content

Day 1

# All about spreads : Bull/bear spreads   ( Perfectly positioning an options structure using greeks)

# Nature of the beast : Analyzing the nature of a stock quantitatively to understand which options structure suits which stock

# VIX based directional model :Using the NSE VIX to take a directional view on Nifty

#Directional from the underlying
1. Picking Reversals - High Probability Reversal Pattern
2. Breakouts thru quant breakouts
3. Picking tops and bottoms - a quant approach

Day 2

# COI ( cumulative open interest) – how to create, interpretation of F&O data, Understand who is in control, the shorts or the longs
# Option chains : how to analyze , trades from option chain ( quants)  ( how an options seller thinks and structures his trades, where he gets  trapped and how can we pick that up and benefit from it)
# Beginning of a move and ending of a move 

 Expiry Trading 

# Real time options data analysis
# Expiry day trading on Nifty and BankNifty every Thursday
# Trading stock options on expiry week

Day-trading training is given LIVE


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