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A full-fledged day trading method based upon Quantitative analysis of real-time volumes

Can be used for stocks, futures, options and commodities

1. Trading with the trend by using combnation of just two of these
indicators. Entry, SL and targets

2. Using all the indicators to find trades ( fast breakout/breakdown +

3. Using the indicators on option charts ( and using them alongwith
futures charts)

Video access for lifetime  at 

All codes / AFls will be shared


the method helps you to

1. Find support and resistance on real-time charts invisible to the naked eye and not seen thru standard technical indicators ( automatic thru a code)

2. No choosing parameters for any indicators. They are dynamic and giver esults based upon market data

3. How you can differentiate between buying and selling volumes of each bar 

4. At any point of time, the market is going thru an accumulation or a
distribution phase from an intraday perspective

5. A unique trend indicator which is fully quantititive in nature

6. How to make a bias for expiry trading days

7. The hyperspeed trading in option post 2pm on expiry days




Ideally, the attendee should have

1. A working knowledge of technical analysis

2. At least a year of experience in trading futures and options if he wishes to trade derivatives

3. Ability to use Amibroker

This is a VERY advanced course, not for novices or just starters in technical analysis or trading


Tradingview will not work as they don't have Futures & options data.
As the codes are pretty complex I have no idea whether they can be
implemented on tradingview or any other software including broker


Post the webinar, for ONE WEEK ( 5 trading sessions) everyday post markets
I will share my analysis of trades for the day on Nifty fut and BankNifty
fut thru a video. This will be your practical training.

Within the next 7 days, you can send me any of your queries to a dedicated
email ID, I will solve all the queries you might have.


If you are unwilling to invest on Amibroker and real-time data,


You can download a fully working trial of Amibroker from their site and
check it out. Truedata will give you trial for 7 days , then you can take
for a month to check   | 


No system is holy grail that all signals are correct. This course will
teach you a totally new way to analyse and day-trade. Serious effort will
be required on the part of the attendee to understand and assimilate the
concepts and successfully use that for trading. This will take time,
possibly months. Subscribe to the course only if you are ready to give the
time and effort. There is no short-cut.


Since this is a video, once you subscribe no refunds will be given later

1. You are just a starter
2. Have no knowledge of technical analysis
3. Cannot or will not use Amibroker


WHAT I WILL NOT DO : Read this carefully
1. Help set-up Amibroker at your end, there are lot of videos on youtube.
   So please learn and do it yourself

2. I will provide detailed instructions on how to install the codes in
    Amibroker, but I will not take your machine on remote and set it up for you

3. I will not code or help you set up codes for any other software. 

4. You are most welcome to ask me any queries for the next 7 days. Send queries by email only. 
    But I will not check your charts for weeks and months everyday
QnA support will be for 7 days post your subscription start date


If you have read all the above points and understood the requirements and the terms and conditions ,

then you can subscribe here : 

Follow this process :

1. Register on the website

2. After filling up the registration, you will receive an email for confirmation

3. After confirmation, login to the website thru your userid and password

4. Under courses, you will see the "Quantifying Volume Analysis" course

5. Select and pay for the course

6. You need to provide your GST details if you need a GST invoice. If you do not have a GST

number, just write NA. But you need to mention your address and state

7. If your payment is successful, you will receive invoice on your email

8. Access to the course is immediate 

9. Login to the site, go to "Courses" then " My courses". You will see your subscribed course.

10. Start the course will start the video. Codes will be attached at the same page below the video

11. Next 5 days, everyday a video will be uploaded in the evening providing analysis of that day's

trades on Nifty and BankNifty which took place that day

12. If you face any problem, DM me on twitter @SubhadipNandy 

Special Offer : Traders taking this course are eligible for a 20% discount on yearly data plans

from . I will pass on the email id you provide for subscription to this course to truedata,

and they will give you the discount if you use the same email id while registering there

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